Who are we?

Neotec Comunicaciones started in 2001 as a commercial distribution company. Over the years we have grown and innovated the Call Center market, enhacing the means of contact with the client until we became one of the reference companies of the country.

Human Capital
Our main asset is people, and therefore we work in constant training policies for our teams. We develop specific training plans adapted to the needs of each one of our projects to achieve the common goals of our clients.
In Neotec we have innovative technology to offer the best service to our clients, guaranteeing an excellent management of every required service from start to finish.
We have different profiles, schedules and platforms so we adapt ourselves to the requirements of every client.
We put passion in every action we perform, always trying to fulfil our client's goals.

What do we do?

We get involved with each one of our clients to offer them custom-made solutions that will guarantee the maximum return out of their investments. Our highly skilled team together with the technology we use allow us to create specific solutions for every one of our clients.

Arranging commercial appointments
We make calls to the clients of our clients in order to arrange the visit of their commercial agents.
Conducting satisfaction surveys
We manage and analyse the satisfaction survey service to know the opinion of the clients of our clients.
Back Office
We manage all the administrative tasks that are generated once the call with the client is over: complaints, queries, requests, incidents, etc.
SMS Push
We manage our clients' marketing campaigns through SMS.
Customer service – multichannel
We make available the management of our client's Customer Service through all of our online and offline channels, adapting ourselves to their needs.
Online and offline answers campaigns
We manage campaigns to measure precisely the impact of campaigns both online and offline.
Collection campaigns
We manage debt collection campaigns.
Upselling and Cross Selling
We develop upselling and cross selling campaign services to achieve our clients goals according to their needs.
We carry out mass mailing both to potential clients and to recurrent clients' databases provided by them.
Creation and management of leads
We create qualified leads for our clients according to their requests through the different online and offline channels.
Social media mangament and analysis
Management of the Social Media service adapted to the need of our clients in order to connect with their target audience and to fulfil the established goals.
Loyalty campaigns
We manage campaigns aimed at being able to offer advantages to our recurrent clients.
We offer and we manage the IVR telephonic system to obtaing more efficiency and efficacy when it comes to handle calls.
Document management
Neotec provides their clients, according to their needs, the development and fulfilment of document management services: receipt of documents, handling and sorting them, custody...

Sectors in which we develop


Our cornerstone, the sector in which we started and we have consolidated in. We are born sales agents and we are passionate about achieving goals.


Growing sector with prospects to which we provide with costumer service, appointments and schedules.

Health Care

We made space for ourselves in this expanding market, growing day by day. We don’t have clients, but patients.

Public Sector

We started providing our service to city halls, then specific campaigns, and we increase our services in the sector more and more.

Financial Services

Uncollectable account, debt collection, credit cards… a whole world of possibilities that we succesfully complete thanks to the commercial profile and character of our agents.

Software and Technology

Technical support and Customer Service, both national and international.

Our team

Our main asset is people. We encourage their professional growth with career plans and constant training, achieving our goals and our clients’ goals.

Pilar Marina
A born saleswoman, with more than 20 years of experience in this sector. She combines sweetness and pshycology and she values the effort of each member of the team, helping and teaching with motivation.
Francisco Díaz
Analytical, clever, negotiator, always tireless when it comes to fulfil goals. He teaches by setting a good example. He finds in each one of the members of our team the potential to stand out.


We like our clients, and we like even more to be part of their growth and their goal achievement.

Working with many different Spanish Contact Center platforms makes us appreciate ​the aspects and the added value that each one of this companies adds to the market. Choosing Neotec is, without a doubt, a guarantee for success, because they have been able to combine two crucial factors: the demanding technological requirements used in their sector, and the great commitment of their human team. This powerful combination benefit all of their clients, involving them in the best and most original automated service, in the absolute reliabilty of their database processing and in the optimization of their bussiness opportunities.
Javier Vega
In these two years I have had the pleasure of collaborating closely with Neotec. You could say we've learned from one another, and our collaboration h​as made the business strenghten, and make both the quality and the quantity of our clients increase. They're a real example of perseverance.
Account Manager
Alfonso Maseda
They say people change when they realise the potential they have to change things. Trusting Neotec allows to benefit from an excellent human capital and from the sector's best technologic tools from the very beginning to potentiate and develop any idea about your Contact Center.
CEO Vozitel
Emilio Guzmán de Lázaro
We have a close relation with Neotec since we work with them both as clients and purveyors. It's a company that stands out for their compromise and their professionalism, but above all, because of their implication and their human value.
Account Director
Roberto Froiz



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Our team


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